Aggiornamento gratuito Atlas Settembre 2018

01 ottobre 2018

A Settembre è stato rilasciato un aggiornamento gratuito per Atlas (v. 1.1.64), il dispositivo per il monitoraggio da remoto di reti Industrial Ethernet. 

L'aggiornamento del firmware di Atlas (Osiris) include le seguenti modifiche:

• It's now possible to connect to an SMTPS server with an empty username and/or password
• Engineers can no longer change the email settings
• When exporting the CSV of the notifications, a spinner is shown to indicate the CSV is being generated
• The user is given a warning when the scan range is outside of the subnet of the factory interface
• The Measurement menu now includes a Change measurement settings button so new networks can easily be set up
• Show status of running measurement on homepage
• The Topology will now scale to fit the screen after switching views
• User can now enforce a reset of the current measurement (formerly done by unplugging)
• Ignored devices are now included in the Report
• Measurements are resumed after an (accidental) power off or reboot
• Custom views can now be deleted
• The horizontal menu next to the PROCENTEC logo has been compacted for smaller screens.

Inoltre, con l'aggiornamento sarà possibile integrare Atlas con altri prodotti PROCENTEC:

- effettuare il commissioning per PROFINET, previa estensione tramite licenza aggiuntiva Commissioning Wizard

- accedere alle informazioni di diagnostica di Combricks tramite la voce Device Details.

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